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            CSA is the leading competitor in business development, a full service consulting and financial group of companies committed to helping our clients worldwide obtain customized solutions. We provide strategic advice, a passive screening process, raise capital and fiscal transaction processing for commercial and small business.

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            We – the business group of companies specialize in the implementation of initiatives that are directed not only to the implementation of investment projects and the sustainable development of various businesses, the provision of legal and immigration services, but also to the business organization and support in the United States. The business group includes the company’s Credit Services of America, American EB-5 Centers, Data Business Systems, BlackPoll Fleet International, Elite Hemp Products, The Cybertec Group, CyberTrack, and many others.

Why Choose Us?

A Decade of Experience
CSA has been in business for over a decade and is trusted by clients all over the nation.

Backed by Corporate Experts
New to the business world? We have corporate experts in every field to provide you with the most professional and qualitative advices.

Unlimited Financial Opportunities
We connect you to the world of unlimited financial opportunities.

One Solution
We offer one solution for various business needs.

Our Mission:


            CSA has a mission: to help people from “all walks of life” build a better financial future through our business platform. We have the courage to pursue your dreams.

         We are devoted to consistently delivering and executing financial services, investment services, business opportunities, and       immigration solutions, while progressively supporting our clients and their individual business goals. As a result, we have created steady, constant, and long-lasting relationships due to our high caliber service and the stream of benefits we offer to each of our exclusive clients.

           CSA is also a full service commercial real estate enterprise. As a company, we dedicate our time into helping our clients achieve their ambitions. We have the ability to customize our services and quickly adapt to our clients’ needs, as well as the continuously changing real estate markets. Our client oriented approach, combined with our customized real estate solutions, has cultivated our client/broker relationships while surpassing the typical property and transaction time frame. As a direct result of our time-tested expertise, our client oriented services approach and our reputation for consistency and results in this ever-evolving, intricate real estate market, CSA maintains a clientele of the highest caliber throughout South Florida.


            We have an exclusive network of confidential and knowledgeable real estate brokers who are here to assist you in every aspect of real estate acquisition and leasing. We specialize in retail, agricultural land, warehouse space, apartments, condos, single family homes, and other residential and commercial specialties.