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        Our team of experienced and qualified lawyers in Florida are ready to assist our customers in the United States. We can change any legal status and the duration of our customers’ stay in the US, so that during a change in status, the customer does not need to leave the US!

       Within the last 3 years, we have handled between 25 and 30 L1 cases, approved approximately 20 cases, and 3 green cards cases  have been approved based on L1. The rest of our clients are either currently in processes or withdrew for several types of reasons.

           One of the most popular services we offer is changing status from a tourist B1 / B2 visa to L-1 business visa.

          Businessmen often come to the US on a visitor visa to meet with business partners and find opportunities to expand their business in America. If our customer is already in the US and decides to acquire or open a new company, we will make a request to the Immigration Service about changing our customer’s status to L-1. This will allow the customer to get started without having to leave the United States. In this case, our customer’s sponsor must submit an application for change of status before the expiration date and retain legal status in the US, while the Immigration Service is considering the application.

         Accompanying family members can also change the guest status to the L-2, without leaving the United States. If an application for a change of status is satisfied, the customer with his/her family does not need to leave the United States to obtain the relevant visa; they can start working as soon as receiving a notification of granting L-1. This will automatically extend the term of stay in the US up to one year for a new company and to three years for the company, which has existed for over a year. The customer can stay in the US for the period specified in the notice and also have the legal right to apply for an extension status.

        The procedure for obtaining permanent resident status is not simple and requires filling out documents, forms, so the procedure can be correctly carried out only by a qualified lawyer. For the average person, who is not a lawyer, it is extremely difficult to understand the process and follow the correct guidelines. We strongly recommend to contact the staff of our group of companies , which includes companies at Credit Services of America , American EB-5 Centers, the Data Business Systems’ , and many others.