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      Obtaining a Green Card through a work visa L-1A is currently the affordable option to immigrate to the United States. Although, immigration through the EB5 investor visa is the most preferable from an immigration lawyer’s point of view.

      By having a work visa L-1A, a customer may apply for a Green Card within 1 year after the receiving this visa, subject to certain conditions.

    General proposition: to create an active investment business (open in the US, as a subsidiary of the Russian company, the owner or manager) with the involvement of the local labor force, official taxes for employees, with a quantity of at least 5 people and the volume of investment must be at least 250,000 US dollars.

        These figures are proven statistics from many years of experience of immigration lawyers, allowing to obtain almost 100% result. The process takes place in several stages:

  1. Opening a company in the United States.
  2. Hiring 3 employees
  3. Attaching 50% of the total investment.
  4. Preparing documents for submission of visa L-1A.
  5. Submission of documents for a visa L-1A through an immigration lawyer, and for this visa (visa automatically received by all members of the family).

      After receiving the visa L-1A, which would effectively work in the US, continue to do business for this company in the US and, as a rule, keep this business profitable. Status L-1A visa allows our customer and our customer’s family (husband / wife and all children up to 21 years) without a break to be in the United States during the period of the visa’s validity.

     After a year, since the first investment by an immigration lawyer can apply for a Green Card (the documents are served on our customer and our customer’s family members – husband / wife and all children up to 21 years). By this time, your company must run for at least 5 people.

     If your financial opportunities to invest the sum of 250,000 to 10 million US dollars, we can offer you business projects with a high and stable yield, regardless of the desire to get a Green Card.

   In the last 3 years, we have handle in between the 25 to 30 L1 cases, approved approximately 20 cases, 3 green cards cases approved based on L1, the rest of the clients, either currently in processes or withdrew from all kind of reasons.