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        Credit Services of America has compiled a portfolio of business opportunities and qualified investments that will suit EB-5 prospects CSA with businesses varying from marketing companies, hotels, pharmaceutical, medical and nursing homes and renewable energy projects with businesses ranging from $500,000 to $500 Million Dollars. Our project demographics span the entire United States; including Native American Territories.

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     We currently hold a portfolio of many business opportunities that fit within the requirements of an EB-5 qualified business and several being processed through the Regional Center. We can fit the business opportunity to your needs and desires. Our years of business experience gives you the edge to choose the platform best suited.

         Some of the business ventures are listed below with many more regions and categories being developed to bring you not only an EB-5 Residency opportunity but also a long financial relationship with our constantly growing business base.

Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, and SEO

      Most EB-5 concepts in the current marketplace today are very large commercial developments which EB-5 investors have no control, transparency, or real security. They are also very dependent on a successful creation and completion and/or sellout. Larger projects are dependent on multitudes of investors for completion. Investors risk is raised being 1st or bottom of ladder or projects not raising the required amount of EB-5 investors leaving the project and clients in “limbo.”

            A marketing operation specializing in EB-5 Resources is currently operational with an opportunity for growth and security with a management team expert in all aspects of Business Development, Marketing, Legal, and Real Estate to name but a few. Add the security of a commercial Real Estate acquisition with today’s South Florida market enhances the project and makes for a very secure investment.

           This project requires no minimum investors meaning that the processing for Green Card commences immediately. Most of the business models we review here represent disruptive technology innovation-transformative new solutions in transportation, power generation, and energy efficiency. Though this is generally exciting, it comes with its own set of challenges: What’s the best way to introduce the concept to a world that is overwhelmed with noise and tends to resist change? How does one deal successfully in an environment in which powerful vested interests are likely to feel threatened by solutions that may make old operating models obsolete?

        We offer a unique approach and capability to building the entire business/market infrastructure: the early adopters, the industry analysts, the trade publications, sales channels, support/aftermarket, the mainstream media, and finally, the target customer market as a whole.

Writing Grant Proposals and Business Plans:

           Success in writing grant proposals and business plans intended for investors requires a combination of characteristics that normally don’t go together in the human species: meticulous attention to administrative detail, a lucid and compelling writing style, and rock-solid understanding of the cleantech space – a subject that’s undergoing substantial change every few months.

          When we realized the difficulty we faced in finding that rare breed of person with strengths in these disparate areas, we worked hard to overcome the challenge – and we’re extremely happy with the results we’ve achieved: an extremely senior team with an impressive track-record of results.

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Retail Design and Management Services:

  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Partnership, Corporation and Non-Profit Tax Consulting and Preparation
  • Interior Design and Ingress/Egress Facilitation


Cultivation Design and Architectural Plans:

  • State of the Art Equipment and LED Lighting
  • Production and Packaging
  • Cultivation Design and Professional Master Grower Consultancy


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