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Dan Oran – Chief Financial Officer and President of CS America OP

       Dan Oran was born, raised, and educated in Israel. In 1991, Dan immigrated to the United States where he found his niche as an investor and business owner and operator. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces and continually maintains strong ties to the nation and community of his birthplace. He remains an active philanthropic member of the community where he lives and where he grew up. Mr. Oran especially enjoys developing potential in people, art, and business opportunities.

       Traveling and exploring new cultures and opportunities throughout the world is one of Mr. Oran’s greatest passions. He visualizes the world as a global marketplace with untapped potential. Dan Oran possesses a unique ability to envision life as a blank canvas and create a vision of color, texture, and detail that generates sustainable income opportunities for anyone willing to work diligently. From his 27 years of experience, in various investments, he has developed extensive knowledge of finance, sales, cost management as well as negotiating skills.


As a seasoned real estate investor, Mr. Oran owns and manages both commercial and residential properties both in the U.S. and abroad. Among his real estate operations, Mr. Oran established the McNab 7 Management Company, which manages and controls over 100,000 square feet of commercial property.


From 1991-1999, Mr. Oran was the sole proprietor of SD Export, an exporter of electronics from the United States to South America.


By the year 2000, he acquired the LAV Group which distributed electronics to over 1,000 retail stores throughout the United States.


After returning to his birthplace, Israel, in 2005, Mr. Oran created an organization called GFS. This is a credit card processing company that services international customers with their credit card transactions.


Upon returning to the U.S., Mr. Oran founded Toys for Boys, which consisted of 5 retail stores specializing in selling electronics in downtown Miami. By 2010, he sold his interests in this business.


Established by Mr. Oran in 2014, these business entities focus on manufacturing cellular devices and multimedia services in China which distributes their products and services throughout the U.S. and South America.


Mr. Oran is investing in this company that manufactures products using hemp oil which has many medicinal benefits which include (but are not limited to) pain relief, anti-anxiety, relief from ED symptoms, and many ailments. In addition, there is also a line of products to service pets. These products are currently being sold and distributed throughout the United States and Canada.


By 2017, Mr. Oran negotiated to buy Blackpoll Fleet International, Inc; which resides on the penny stock market. This business provides contract procurement, business development and management services in the Aviation and Logistics industries. The company specializes in the management of long-term Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) leases of fixed wing and rotary passenger and cargo aircrafts and private business aviation, which includes charter, maintenance, overhaul and Fixed Based Operator (FBO) development and management as well as various auxiliary services in the aviation industry.


Nataliya Kirk – Chief Operating Officer of CS America


       With over 15 years of experience selling properties and homes throughout Europe and the United States with a proven track record of success, Nataliya is able to generate new business through networking and prospecting. She has worked closely with international developers and business owners to successfully facilitate commercial sales. Mrs. Kirk is adept at utilizing all marketing resources available, working with other real estate agents to close a wide number of properties and networking within the community. She specializes in high-income residential and commercial properties.

       Many years of experience in training development and delivery, motivation and team building/leadership, general and technical project management, product marketing and management, negotiation, and mediation. Extensive international experience, with a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices.

Vladimir Kudyakov – Chief Executive Officer of CS America

       Mr. Kudyakov as Chief Executive Officer of C.S. America OP LLC and as a Managing Board Member of GFS World LLC oversees, directs and formulates policies and provides overall direction of the company. Having a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration on International Business from Lincoln University in Oakland CA, Vladimir also holds a Professional Diploma in International Business from the University of California, Berkeley, CA. Prior to receiving his Master’s Degree Vladimir earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Moscow State Technical University “MAMI” in Moscow, Russia. He holds a Professional Diploma in International Business from the All-Russian Finance & Economic Institute in Moscow, Russia.

       Vladimir spend many years working in the market of comprehensive security systems, combining his engineering skills with the business side of mechanical engineering. He has also worked for Merrill Lynch financial and advisory company in California; particularly in the global private client division. As an international consultant of CS America, Vladimir is providing the overall direction of the company, being focusing on a business development and a financial advisory worldwide. Vladimir brings a strategic focus, vision and mature judgments gained during a successful career. His technical enhancements, financial background and business advisory services has been proven to generate sustained positive results.


David Torchin, CPA – Accountant for CS America

       David Torchin began his accounting practice in 1989 in Plantation, Florida. As a sole practitioner for many years, his firm, David Torchin CPA, PA concentrated in the area of taxation, tax planning, audit representation, and accounting services.

      Since then, he has built tremendous relationships with his clients and worked with a wide array of small and medium sized businesses, including fellow professionals, retail, wholesale, and real estate. David is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



Yossi Wax- Director of New Business Development (Tel Aviv)

       Nativ is an Israel’s business consulting firm, providing a wide range of business financing solutions, fundraising, marketing, and management services. The business was founded in 1993 and since then, Native has accompanied over 1,200 companies in the real estate and service industries. Nativ’s management, marketing, and finance services are designed to improve performance and work processes, increase activity and business development.

     Yossi Wax, Nativ’s CEO, has extensive experience in corporate management, strategic consulting, fundraising, and financial management. He also has experience with being a senior lecturer, former banker, authorized consultant of the Ministry of Industry, and Vice President of the Israeli Business Consulting Bureau. Mr. Wax works closely with managers to provide financing solutions helping to give its clients the confidence to deal with their difficult problems and bring them to improve their company performance.

       Elizabeth Karwowski was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Being first generation Polish and raised by immigrated parents, she has a great understanding of culture and ethnicity. This drives her to help all those that want to fulfill their American dreams of owning a home, business, providing a better life for their family, etc., a reality.

      Elizabeth Karwowski was formerly the President and CEO of Trust One Mortgage Corporation. After Graduating from Northern Illinois University with honors, Elizabeth worked for Ernst & Young LLC and RSM McGladrey as part of the consulting team. She was awarded her PHR (Professional Human Resource) certification in 2000 by SHRM’s Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Through this certification process and examination, Elizabeth mastered the complex human resource body of knowledge. After years’ in the corporate world, Elizabeth took her experience and became an independent consultant focusing on training, development and growth within organizations. She became a partner of a mortgage company and within two years started her own organization, Trust One Mortgage Corp. She had her brokerage license in the state of Illinois, Indiana and Florida. Additionally, she was approved and licensed under the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). In 2007, she took her passion of education into the credit remediation business. Elizabeth founded Get Credit Healthy (formerly known as Ms Credit Ed) as a consumer advocate organization to help individuals get back on the right path to credit health. She has obtained her FICO & Fair Credit Reporting Act certification. As a recognized credit expert, Elizabeth has been featured on NBC and Fox News, published in Scotsman’s Guide, Today’s Chicago Women and other print media.


Katya Zevallos – Vice President of Credit Services

       Katya Zevallos is the Vice President of Credit Services at, Get Credit Healthy, a consumer advocate organization. She has obtained her FICO & Fair Credit Reporting Act certification. Katya has helped countless individuals restore their credit and reach their personal financial goals. She represents the heart and soul of Get Credit Healthy. Her personal connection and support for each of her clients is one of the very important differentiators that demonstrates world class customer service.


Henry Rengifo – Chief Information Officer

       Henry Rengifo is a computer and software engineer with a knowledge and strong understanding of administration. He manages, designs documents, and evaluates a variety of data based systems; performs complex technical, analytical and professional services involving program/member services, evaluation, database-driven websites, office operations support, and problem resolution. Responsible to install dozens of branches for many companies in Florida and out of the USA, now is our CIO.


Shimon Fhima – CEO of Elite Products International LLC

       After extensive research on the benefits of CBD, Shimon Fhima began the Elite CBD Company in 2015. The primary purpose of this product is to help people that are experiencing everyday physical and mental conditions. Shimon realized that CBD has such wonderful qualities that he decided to start implementing it into his lifestyle. As part of his research, Shimon discovered that CBD is, in fact, valuable to animals too. His experience with his pet, Max, was a miracle with this product. He noticed an enormous improvement in Max, who became more enthusiastic and much more active. His vet insisted that the CBD helped extend and enhance Max’s quality of life.

      Shimon strongly believes that CBD will be the new medicine for everyone suffering with discomfort. He specializes in the marketing and development of CBD products. Mr. Fhima sells the products to wholesalers, retailers, and major distributors. His goal is to have the products sit on shelves in all major stores that specialize in health and nutrition.

Galit Harel-Bechor – Immigration Attorney

       Galit Harel Bechor has a Bachelor of business administration in accounting from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. She has her JD law degree from Nova Southeastern University in Davie Florida She has been practicing for over 13 years, of combined experience of lawyers who have faced practically every immigration issue and challenge.

       Ms. Bechor practices all aspects of immigration law. Specializing in business visas of all kinds L1 business visas. E2 investment visas. And green cards through family, employment or investment. Ms. Harel is dedicated to serving her clients’ individual needs. Her client’s enjoy personal and direct access to an immigration attorney that will handle their immigration case.

       Within the last 3 years, we have handled between 25 and 30 L1 cases, approved approximately 20 cases, and 3 green cards cases  have been approved based on L1. The rest of our clients are either currently in processes or withdrew for several types of reasons.