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        Credit Services of America has compiled a portfolio of business opportunities and qualified investments that will suit different business prospects varying from marketing companies, hotels, pharmaceuticals, medical and nursing homes, and renewable energy projects with businesses ranging from $100,000 and beyond. Our project demographics span the entire United States, including Native American Territories.

        Credit Services of America currently holds a portfolio of many business opportunities that fit within the requirements of not only an “immigration qualified business”, but also satisfy any specific investors’ needs not related to business immigration. We can fit the business opportunity to your needs and desires. Our years of business experience gives you the edge to choose the platform best suited. Some of the business ventures are listed below with many more regions and categories being developed to bring you not only a financial freedom opportunity but also a long financial relationship with CSA constantly growing business base.


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        We currently hold a portfolio of gas and service stations available throughout the country with a focus on South Florida’s strong market. Our partners currently own 50+ gas stations in the South Florida region alone with top brands such as Chevron, Texaco and BP to name a few. Service stations when managed properly have strong business strategies with gains. We also have an increasing number of stations that will be implementing food stations such as Dunkin Donuts, Subway and others. All three of these elements make for a one stop shop for virtually anyone.


          Most business concepts in the current marketplace today are very large commercial developments which investors have no control, transparency, or real security. They are also very dependent on a successful creation and completion and/or sellout. Larger projects are dependent on multitudes of investors for completion. Investors risk is raised being 1st or bottom of ladder or projects not raising the required amount of potential investors leaving the project and clients in “limbo”. A marketing operation specializing in investment projects is currently operational with an opportunity for growth and security with a management team expert in all aspects of Business Development, Marketing, Legal, and Real Estate to name but a few. Add the security of a commercial Real Estate acquisition with today’s South Florida market enhances the project and makes for a very secure investment. This project requires no minimum investors meaning that the processing for generating additional income commences immediately.


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        Within the booming Oil and Gas sectors in Colorado, California, and the Western US Regions are several opportunities from Drilling, Land Development and a new onsite Modular Natural Gas Electricity Generator.


        Merchant processing and banking services are sectors that always remain in demand and strong throughout any economic seasons. Several opportunities exist within these sectors that pose very unique and highly sought after within the Legal Marijuana Industry. This new industry poses immense opportunities to not only Colorado and the recently admitted new states but the additional states that will be legalizing in the upcoming short term.


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        Assisted Living Facilities have always been a highly targeted industry due to heavy growth and highly rated returns not to mention solid stability. Several facilities are planned in various stages from fully permitted to design and development stages with properties under control in both the Metro Miami area and a fantastic location centrally located between New Orleans and Biloxi, Mississippi. Additional properties are being located and purchased for future developments in this sought after business model.


        The South Florida area has always been a Mecca of Food and Beverage locales with only the best operators surviving. We have put a team of proven experts to take advantage of the problematic industry opportunities. Many locations Hotel, public, and standalone are consistently becoming available for “pennies on the dollar” and with a team of Expert food and beverage professionals that create very profitable and solid operations.


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        For the past several years a solar energy project has been designed, semi-permitted with very comprehensive plans and financials within the Native American Territories with an abundance of possibilities of major Utility scale developments and a potential for site development. The relationship has been developed within the very top government officials and they have committed full support and resources to ensure a successful project with an abundance of benefits not seen or available within the continental US.


        Within the Tribal Territory, several projects have been planned with building and permissions approved. The business plan could include several aspects, including but not limited to, renewable energy, secure data storage facilities, telemarketing operations for products and services both in-bound and out-bound. The profit center for this type of business is very strong with the advantage of being on the Native lands, excellent staffing requirements allotted for the possibility of multiple investors’ combined, low overheads and costs, Native American additional economic Federal incentives, and the benefits of operating on Sovereign territory.


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        Additional development opportunities exist outside the U.S. for investors who wish to diversify both domestically and internationally. Our group consists of professionals not only from the U.S. and Canada but Russia, Israel, Latin America, Europe and several other Countries bringing Diversity, Knowledge, Business, Language but a true understanding from an investor’s point of view and issues.

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