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Introduction to Projects

      Based on our years of experience and a thorough study of the US market, we are ready to offer our customers’ own investment projects with high-margin revenues and minimal payback.

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        Strategic partnership – investing in various projects, the selection of investment projects according to the criteria specified by potential investors.

Proposal Form:

        Short, medium and long-term investment of money and return of funds and an increase in the initial capital while maintaining a given level of risk.

        The range of investment projects is quite wide: from investment in medical projects, IT-projects, banking, commercial real estate to investment in the commercial development of natural resources. Each of our projects is unique: with its history, legend and concept. Our experts are ready to help you in choosing the right project specifically for your needs, just contact us and we will answer all your questions in this area.


Some of our projects can be found here


Our existing companies and businesses can be also considered a good investment opportunity for people looking for a stable growth.

An Overview of Investment Opportunities in our existing business:

Colorado & US Medical Cannabis Industry:

We have ventured within one of the most exciting and profitable industries to come to market in many years. The MJ industry is one of the most widely watched industries throughout the world.

We have created the first prototype operational oil extracting devices with the 1st unit being secured for an initial 3 month lease and a waiting list of 9 months. Our plans include the constructing of a factory and the creation of dozens of the units in the near future.

MCEL Mobile Extraction Labs. Botanical Extraction Equipment leased to customers in legal Cannabis industry, Hemp and MJ ($300K to $5M) operations and expansion (first vehicle in operation).

The company’s primary objective is to provide equipment to produce Cannabidiol (CBD), a Cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “doped, inebriated, intoxicated or drugged,” or colloquially, “stoned,” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The fact that CBD-rich Cannabis does not cause the user to become uncomfortably “high” makes it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti- inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and/or anti- spasm effects without troubling lethargy or dysphoria.

With deep roots in the hemp industry, Elite Hemp Products has been manufacturing and providing the highest-quality CBD hemp extracts in the world.

Our team clarified its vision to be one of the most respected cannabinoid product company in the USA, offering more than 50 different products. Since then, the company has grown rapidly by attracting quality team members, business partners and passionate customers.

For more information, please visit us at: elitehempproducts.com

For more information about our pubic company, please visit us at: profilesolutionsinc.com



BlackPoll Fleet International, Inc; formerly Basta Holdings, Corp., incorporated on May 11, 2011, is engaged in the provision of aviation services to third parties. The company is a provider of contract procurement, aviation business development and aircraft management services for fixed and rotary winged aircraft.

The enterprise focuses on provision of cargo aviation services, long-term lease or charter management, fixed and rotary maintenance and overhaul service, business aviation, and fixed base operations (FBO) development and operation. Blackpoll Fleet has provided management advisory service for aircraft and provided Aircraft/Crew/Maintenance/Insurance (ACMI) contract advice to a customer base consisting of over three entities.

Our services include ACMI leasing; passenger and cargo operations; aircraft management maintenance and overhaul; FBO management; logistics management for construction, mining, logging and remote heavy industry; offshore drilling support; aerial mapping and surveillance services; air ambulance; logistical and airlift support services; search and rescue; very important person transport; emergency evacuation; humanitarian relief efforts; aviation fuel provision, and insertion and extraction operations. Our company offers its services to oil and gas companies, firefighting operators and governmental agencies.

For more information about our pubic company, please visit us at: blackpollfleet.com

For more information, please visit us at: jetaviationcorp.com

For more information, please visit us at: blackpollfleet.com


Data Business Systems

In the United States, Data Business Systems has many professionals with a single focus: providing our clients with exceptional financial services. We work in key areas that propel you on your way to achieving your goals in any business development. Our real strength comes from combining the talents and the different financial services offered to address clients’ needs. When people tackle the most compelling challenges, everyone wins.

At DBS, we offer a wide range of credit and accounts receivables management services to credit grantors from coast to coast. We employ top quality professionals to ensure our statistics and projections are met. Our growth has been due to our “clients come first” philosophy, and our concentration on: Quality Client Services, Controlled Growth, Cutting Edge Technology, and a clear understanding of the entire credit and account receivables process.

At Data Business Systems, we know that access to consumer financing can make or break a sale. But in today’s lending environment, most finance companies are afraid to say, “yes,” unless a customer is absolutely perfect. We look at things a little differently.

For more information, please visit us at: dbsmanage.com


American EB-5 Centers is a fully accredited Homeland Security Regional Center. We have created projects to which we don’t need any minimum number of investors (in other words we can start processing the EB-5 immediately), we have the relevant job count within our companies (both direct and indirect) at this moment.

We also have the security of the bulk of the funds will have a very secure Real estate or business attachment to the projects without the need for resale from outside sources which would put the funds at a much higher risk factor.

For more information, please visit us at: AmericanEB5centers.com

Retail/Wholesale company manufacturing telecommunication devices they have a contract with thousands of Metro PCS (owned by T-Mobile) stores, CVS and Walgreens to name a few countrywide for product distribution such as self-branded Tablets, Android phones, and other electronics.


Established in 2010, The Cybertec Group LLC has been successfully manufacturing and exporting countless electronic products. Our line of unlock products offer flexibility to our clients to not necessarily have to depend on a specific carrier. Our customers receive great value and always have the option to switch cell phone service providers. So jump on board and start using the finest android with the best price on the market!

All of our products are inspected carefully by our professional QC engineers. Under our impeccable management system, we can have your orders delivered on schedule & supply the best after-sale service. We have more manufacture design ideas coming up in the near future. We will go beyond just making the product, we will make products for you.

For more information, please visit us at: cybercell.us


CyberTrack specializes in a GPS tracking devices that monitor employees, family members, pets, vehicles, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, and much more. CyberTrack is the largest GPS tracking network on the planet!

For more information, please visit us at: cybertrack18.com


Marketing/Call Centers: Vacation


 Currently we have over 10 channel and corporately owned call centers in the Vacation and Medical Alert industries. Our Travel division is putting over 1000 new clients per month with over 400k of gross volume.




Welcome to Global Fulfillment Services where we provide you with the most exclusive and luxurious travel options at a fraction of the cost. With years of experience and relationship building, we are able to access special pricing for anything from cruises to luxury resorts at amazing vacation destinations at affordable prices not found anywhere else. Our mission is to show consumers that it is possible to travel for less!

For more information, please visit us at: travelGFS.com


Freevago are experts in the Travel, Leisure, and Tourism industries, along with our web of global partners, we can now provide the very best vacation experience and value across the Globe. Whether you are traveling within the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, we have you covered !

For many years, Travel Agencies were the place to go to book your vacation travel. They provided you with properties from our Global Partners and marked-up their prices to you… and they still do !

We have turned that business model upside-down by offering you direct pricing. What that means to you is savings that you would otherwise pay the middle-man.

Think about it! As one of our vacation members, you now have access to that same inventory that was previously not available to you, at rock bottom prices!

Our clients range from single travelers and Travel Agencies to multinational corporations. Whether immensely colossal or minute, each receives the same individual attention, the same flexible and innovative approach and the same cost-preserving benefits.



Fisonic Energy Solutions

Fisonic Energy Solutions LLC is an energy service company that utilizes new technology to provide clean and efficient energy solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and applications including, waste heat recovery, commercial heating, and power generation. All of our systems are manufactured in New York and designed to deliver maximum environmental and operational benefits.

Our commercial heating systems can be connected to district-heating or boiler-based installations and our power-generation systems create new opportunities for solar-thermal, biomass and geo-thermal producers to recognize increased performance from their existing systems.

We are currently expanding the uses of our technology for retrofitting municipal properties, commercial buildings and power facilities through a no-cost conversion program that offers 100% financing with a Power Purchase Agreement.

For more information, visit us at: fisonicsolutions.com